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Don't YOU Deserve a Mi-Ki?!!

Mi-Kis (prounced mee-keys) are a small, rare, purebred toy dog.

If you are looking for a companion to make your family complete, then look no farther.  Mi-Kis make the perfect companion dog as they are sweet, quiet, happy, clever, loving little dogs, who love to travel with you everywhere. 

Mi-Kis live to love and be loved!   

At Dakota Mi-Kis we strive to breed Mi-Ki puppies who are happy, healthy, well socialized and most of all, LOVED!

All of our adult Mi-Kis have been health tested, DNA'd, and are registered with the American Mi-Ki Registry (AMRA).  Our puppies are also DNA'd and registered with AMRA.  Each puppy comes to you with a one year health guarantee. 

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All of our adult Mi-Kis and their puppies are DNA - VIP tested.  And all adults and puppies have had their parentage verified through the Bio Pet Vet Lab

We are members of the

South Dakota Pet Breeders Association where last year we completed over  10 hours of continuing education!

All of our adult Mi-Kis and their puppies will be registered with the  

American Mi-Ki Registry Association


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